The Top Ten (10) Writing Tips You Need In 2022

Writing should be born out of passion before a career/profession. This helps you not to give up when things don’t go your way, because it will not always get rosy to come up with excellent topics and contents for your readers. I believe with passion, determination, focus and constant research/reading you will make it as a skilled writer. Don’t forget continues studies, because the trends are changing so one must keep with the new norm for writing.

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Hi, Elizabeth Elsie Esinam Dravie is my name, but my penname is elsieesinam24 a previously professional and certified teacher. My passion is to be a writer/publisher since I was twelve years of age. I have taken my passion for writing seriously by pursuing a degree in BA Communication, also a freelance writer, blogger, content writer/marketer, digital marketing specialist, SEO/SEM expert and Social media marketing specialist. Reading from my favourite authors Nora Norbert, John Grisham, Danielle Steel, Roxanne ST. Claire, Andrew M. Greeley etc is one of the ways I destress from the hassle and bustle of my job and academic work. This blog is about all my passions.

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