Learn To Say No

Saying no regarding things that don't favour you. Build your self-confidence. Love yourself enough to say no to toxic relationships. Say no to peer pressure. Say no to thoughts that degrade your self-worth and say no to suicidal thoughts.

The Power Of Saying ‘NO’

“Choose discomfort over resentment.” – Dr Brené Brown If you really don’t have the bandwidth or don’t want to do it, saying yes to something can end up making you mad later. And whether you’re mad at the situation, mad at the person who asked you to do it, or mad at yourself for agreeing to do it, it’s just not good. It can be downright awkward to say no. We’ve all experienced the swell of anxiety when reluctantly saying yes, knowing all the while our gut is screaming “no way!” Whether subconsciously, we often say yes to things we’d rather not do out of a desire to please. We don’t want to disappoint and saying yes is far easier and satisfying in the short-term. But long-term, it can leave you stressed out, overbooked, and resentful.

What Is Your Definition Of Courage?

According to Merriam Webster definition courage is a mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Courage is the quality of being ready and willing to face negative situations involving danger or pain. A close synonym is bravery. Showing courage is often thought of as facing such situations without fear, but it also involves facing them … Continue reading What Is Your Definition Of Courage?

What are your inner thoughts?

Dear Diary, I want to talk to you today about my pains, anger, hate, despair and frustration. It's been a while since I talked to you. I have been keeping everything inside with no one to talk to. These days you can't trust anyone with your issues without the third ear hearing. People don't care … Continue reading What are your inner thoughts?

Five classy ways to style dress shirts.

Styling shirts and shirts dresses can be difficult to women. Almost every woman just like pairing shirt or short dresses with denim jeans. But I can style short and short dresses to look classy and unique. I can style the below white dress shirt adding accessories like gold choker necklace, with gold earrings, gold watch … Continue reading Five classy ways to style dress shirts.