Never Give Up

Never Give Up


Your beginning might not be the best still never give up
Your present might even be the worst still never give up
The future might be unknown and bleak, but still, never give up
Never give up trying, showing up and making those changes
One step at a time all things will fall into place
Never give up praying
Never give up dreaming
Never give up planning
Never give up planning
Never give up on reading, it exposes you to everything and anything
Never give up on writing no matter what comes into mind, write it down
Never give on #hope
Never give up on your faith
Never give up on God
God is still working miracles

My name is Elizabeth Elsie Esinam Dravie a copywriter, content writer, digital marketer and public relations executive. Also, the founder of ECML (

I’m an avid reader and learner.

Oh! less I forget I’m a go-getter and a strong believer in possibilities.

Thanks, WordPress for the love and friendship

I appreciate all my #connections and #followers, extraordinary successes ahead of us all.

Let’s keep #connecting  and following each other. #love

Never Never Give Up!

#contentwriter #writing #writer #digital #future #planning #publicrelations

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