Salute World! Happy Father’s Day Wishes

Salute World! Happy Father’s Day Wishes

Who Is A Father?

A father is a girl’s, first love

A father is a boy’s hero

A father is a protector 

A father is a child’s God on earth

A father is someone who makes sure his family is safe and secure

A father provides for his family 

A father at times nurtures 

A father is a teacher and a guide

A father loves and rebukes

A father tells the truth

A father adores his family and put them first

A father is someone responsible

A father is reliable

A father makes mistakes but corrects them

A father makes certain to avoid making mistakes but he is human after all

A father is a favourite of the girl child till she reaches womanhood

She sees and compares every man she meets to her dad because he is the best husband to her mum at home

A father shows his female child (ren) how to be treated rightly by a man

A father teaches his male child how to treat a woman 

A father’s love is beyond compare

Happy Father’s Day!

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