How To Upload And Organize Your Media Library On Your Desktop

Do you operate an online radio, or a podcast, to mention a few?
I know organizing files into folders, renaming, converting sample rates, and just generally managing media is never fun. Tidy your entire back catalogue automatically by uploading your tracks to the cloud.

Drag and drop single files in your browser to quickly add tracks to your station or upload in bulk via FTP when you’ve got GB’s worth of media.
Categorize all your tracks with tags so you know what’s what. Whether by year, genre, format, or something else entirely, set your custom tag names for randomizing selection within playlists.

Demonstrate your broadcasting skills by weaving together playlists listeners will love. For the purists out there, add just tracks from your media library one by one for concrete sets or go deeper to keep things fresh by using tags to randomly select files.
Whatever you choose, keep playlists diverse and engaging with a combination of music, talk, jingles, and news to build professional shows.

Schedule what you want to broadcast, and when. Choose the day, time, duration, and whether you want events to repeat. They say all good things come in threes. Select an event type, either connect a live DJ, relay another stream, or air the selected playlist.
Show what’s playing on your players, apps, and radio directories with track information, or show the playlist. If your shows are just a bit too long, cut them off on time with overrun. The current track ends, so the next scheduled event can start.

Put your tracks to good use. Drop us a message @wisconsinradioghana  and we’ll let you know how I can help you create a killer schedule. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Download Wisconsin Radio App on Google Play Store using this link below.

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