Top seven (7) no-heat hairstyles to try in 2022

Top seven (7) no-heat hairstyles to try in 2022


Hey,do you also suffer from heat damaged hair like me? Have you been looking for the best hair salon to treat your hair? Do you live in Al Wukair, Qatar? Then look no further, visit Greater Grace Hair And Beauty Palour. We will make you look and feel like a queen. 

What Causes Heat Damage?

Heat-damaged hair can happen to anyone who uses hot tools. Women with textured, fine, or thin hair‌ are more vulnerable to heat damage.
Too much heat can destroy the keratin proteins that give hair its strength, dehydrate the inside of the hair strand, and split the hair’s cuticle (outer protective layer). What’s the ‌result? Hair that is brittle and dry. High heat can also permanently damage hair strand connections, causing curly strands to wilt and lose their springy bounce.

How to Prevent Heat Damaged Hair.

The Use of Heat Should Be Limited – To get your desired look, use the lowest temperature setting on your iron or blow-dryer. Most beauty experts recommend not exceeding 410°F since the high heat melts the keratin in your hair above this temperature. Also, keep the hot tool away from your hair for as long as possible. When using a curling iron, for example, keep hair wrapped around the tool for only 10 seconds at a time to avoid damage.

Protect yourself from the heat by using a heat protectant.- Use a heat-protectant spray on your hair every time you use a hot tool. Heat-resistant styling products work by reducing the transfer of heat from the styling instrument to your hair. Because heat protectants won’t totally protect your hair from harm, it’s still a good idea to use hot tools with caution.

Heat-styling damp hair isn’t a good idea.-You’re basically frying your hair when you use hot products like straighteners or curling irons on damp hair. Hair that is wet or even damp is far more delicate than hair that is dry. The heat of the tools converts moisture into steam, which destroys the hair strand as it exits. To avoid this kind of damage, only use these hot tools on thoroughly dry hair.

Do you have a heat-damaged or damaged hair?

Visit Greater Grace Hair And Beauty Palour at Al Wukrai Qatar for all your hair care routines.

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