Top Powerful Seven (7) Twitter Marketing Techniques To Adopt In 2022 For Effective Social Media Marketing

“Give your dreams All You’ve Got and you’ll get amazed at the energy that comes out of you”.

– William James
twitter marketing


Twitter is a strong social media network and search engine that can help you find the most up-to-date information on any topic or business. Most businesses use Twitter marketing to improve or update brand recognition, advertise products and services, and increase interactions. Twitter has a monthly user base of 326 million people throughout the world, making it a straightforward way to distribute content.

This may sound intriguing, especially given the reduced work and time required to reach such many people. Although Twitter is the most convenient way to develop your business, things on the network evolve quickly. We send seven (7) thousand new tweets out every second on average, and a single tweet can take up to eighteen minutes. This means that if you don’t take the proper precautions and approaches, your tweet may get lost and just a few people will see it. The chances of your tweets sticking around and influencing people on Twitter are slim to none.

Therefore, your Twitter marketing strategies must have the ingredients needed to break the chain and get people to pay attention to your messages and maybe act. Before you can learn about the greatest Twitter marketing tactics to use, you must first understand what Twitter marketing is.

What Is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing is a strategy that entails spending money and time to develop a strategic plan to increase traffic, engage audiences, and generate sales for your company. It’s a powerful tool for responding to client problems and feedback. Politics, media, blue-collar business, and B2B sales are among the most popular uses of Twitter marketing.

Twitter is beneficial to your company because it is a cost-free marketing tool for promoting, sharing, and providing support to clients about your services/products. You may broaden your reach and find out what others are saying about your brand. (

Here are some Twitter marketing techniques you can adopt for your business:

property 233 Twitter profile

1# Make your profile unique by personalizing and branding it

Are you a startup, a small to medium business or a big-time corporation wanting to extend your reach on Twitter? Customizing and branding your company’s profile is the most effective approach for customers to recognize you. Customizing your Twitter profile with your company’s logo, colours, and other easily remembered features is the greatest approach to making your company’s profile stand out. Your company’s slogan is a good example. To allow viewers to search easily and locate you on the platform, your Twitter handle, also known as your username, should be simple, distinctive, and short. Keeping your company’s Twitter accounts brief and catchy will certainly result in mentions from other brands and individuals.
If your company’s handle is too long, though, choose a profile photograph that is immediately noticeable and memorable. Having your company’s logo is a good idea because it allows consumers to connect with it and increases your brand awareness. Twitter displays your profile image in every interaction, post, and tweet. If you’re managing a personal account or brand, make sure your profile photo is a professional headshot.
The header is also an opportunity to showcase your company’s creative side. The header is the image that appears behind your profile photo. As a backdrop image, you might choose a snappy, fun image or a logo. Your firm’s bio also includes information such as the company’s start date, what the company is about, the company’s location, and, if applicable, the company’s website. Bios can be witty, topical, specific, and, most crucially, hash-tagged.

2# Tweet during rush hours

According to studies, tweets sent within a busy season are more likely to engage audiences because the bulk of people is online. Before tweeting your content, find out when important issues or intriguing themes get discussed. Your audience is also determined by busy times. For example, if the trending topic is politics, and your firm or group’s goal relates to politics or the topic being discussed, now might be the greatest time to tweet because that’s the proper demographic.

Even though Tweets remain on your profile forever unless deleted, Twitter moves so fast that something you Tweeted 30 minutes ago may very well be invisible to your followers. According to a study by Wiselytics, one Tweet has a half-life of 24 minutes. Tweets only reach about 75% of their potential engagement in less than three hours after being posted. This makes posting consistently and at the right time, the key to finding success on Twitter.

3# Make use of hashtags (#)

Hashtags (#) are an excellent technique to increase your Twitter impact. Those that use hashtags gain more interaction than tweets that do not. However, you must use the hashtags in moderation. Include hashtags in your tweets to add some content. Hashtags can be the most effective approach to engage your audience, whether executing a campaign or an event. Create relevant and distinctive hashtags for additional groupings of tweets linked to your campaign or event to accomplish this. Using Twitter analytics, you may discover your most popular hashtags.

Tweets with hashtags get almost double the engagement than Tweets without hashtags. This is an exciting statistic, but it doesn’t mean that you should load up your Tweets with every hashtag you see. Hashtags are a great way to expose your brand to new audiences who may be interested in what you have to say. Some brands create hashtags for a specific campaign and use that hashtag to label individual Tweets or encourage their audience to share Tweets with that hashtag.

4# Make use of images and videos

Tweets containing images and videos receive more shares and clicks than tweets without visuals. Image and video tweets should be high-quality and relevant to add an eye-catching and interesting touch to your material, as well as to encourage more people to click and follow you. Images and videos show your audience what kind of product or service your firm is involved in, as well as how to use it. ( . It makes your organization more approachable to potential customers. You can also make a live video, which will get instantly sent as a tweet that will remain viewable after the live video has ended.

5# Interact with your followers

As your business expands, it’s critical to interact with your followers. Polls are a great way to engage your audience. Click the “add new tweet icon” and then the “poll icon” at the bottom of the screen to do so. Twitter polls are the quickest and most convenient way to perform consumer and market research, solicit input from your audience, and communicate with your followers.

This will enhance your platform’s followers and the audience’s trust in your brand, resulting in brand loyalty. You can also respond to audience tweets by liking them and possibly tweeting back.

The entire idea behind Twitter marketing is to drive sales, generate leads, boost clicks, and increase downloads. Creating posts to drive these actions, when used sparingly, can boost your engagement in huge ways. Adding a CTA to a few tweets is the quickest way to do this.

You’re probably already using CTAs asking users to share your posts, which is great. But this isn’t the only CTA that you should use on your Twitter profile.

Use some effective action words and phrases to get users to do other activities, such as…

  • Follow us
  • Visit our site
  • Shop our sales
  • Download here
  • Learn more

6# Twitter influencers Engagement

Involving twitter influencers is another technique to grow your Twitter following.

It’s now easier than ever to pitch your ideas to someone with a large following. If they like what you bring to the table, they can change your brand’s world with one simple post. The first step to selecting an influencer is identifying which influencers are out there for your specific industry.

First, look at influencers that you’ve already been interacting with. Maybe they’ve liked a few of your tweets, or maybe you’ve responded to some of theirs.

Influencers with a significant following can enhance your mentions and drive traffic to your profile. If your company’s ideas are in line with the influencer’s idea or aims, it’ll be a lot easier. Influencers, especially if your company is a start-up, have the power to define your brand with a single post. Before reaching out to influencers regarding your company, have a look at their profiles and follower counts.

Twitter Ads

7# Twitter Ads Utilization

Twitter advertising is the most effective approach to boost tweets and enhance interaction. Even though it appears to be more pricey than other social media networks, it comes in helpful when it is most needed. 

With the right digital marketing plan, tools, and talent, your company could succeed on Twitter whether you’re a big, medium, or small business. If you’re interested in getting active in the space, we’d like to help YOU get there by providing eye-catching, relevant content that says volumes about your business even before people arrive at your website.

Using paid ads on Twitter is a great way to reach your audience in a more direct way than waiting for organic reach. Promoted Tweets can expand your reach more quickly.

They also allow people to discover your profile, even if they don’t follow your brand or hashtags. When you use a promoted Tweet, your Tweets show up to people’s timelines who share interests with your audience. You pay a monthly fee as long as you want the promoted Tweet to remain posted. Users can interact with promoted Tweets in the same way they interact with organic content.

The only difference is that promoted Tweets get marked so that users transparently know it’s a paid ad.

Twitter Marketing


Twitter is one of the best places to increase brand awareness and generate new leads, but things move quicker on the platform than any other social media network.

The average lifespan of one tweet is just a few minutes, and thousands of new tweets get generated every second.

Your Twitter marketing efforts have to be unique so that you stand out from the crowd.

Start with the basics of your Twitter profile. Make sure that your brand’s handle is short and easy to remember. It should be as close to your company’s name as possible.

Choose a profile photo that is a brand logo, or a professional headshot if you’re a personal brand. Your header should also convey your brand message.

Optimize your bio to reflect exactly who you are as a company.

Only tweet during peak hours. Once you’ve identified the best days and times to post, schedule tweets to go up during those times.

Never use over one or two hashtags per tweet. Make sure that they relate to your brand and the context of the tweet.

Run advanced searches to find new leads that you can reach out to instead of waiting for them to find you.

Add images to your tweets to boost retweets. Use Twitter video if you want even more engagement.

Conduct polls to create new conversations centred on your brand. You can also use them for market research.

Use creative CTAs that differ from the overused “share this post.” Ask people to shop now, download now, or learn more instead.

Use Twitter to double A/B test headlines along with a tool like Optimizely. That way, you’ll have more data about which headlines work best.

Reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them to talk about your brand for even more exposure. Their followers will trust their recommendations.

Finally, harness the power of Twitter Ads if you need to increase reach and engagement in a pinch.

Conversational ads are a powerful tool as well, but you have to ask Twitter for access to them before you can get started using them.

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