Ten (10) Advantages Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing


Presently, in this digital age, establishing and relishing an online presence and investing in internet marketing over traditional marketing is key to surviving and thriving as a business or a brand. Marketing is the act of connecting and having a relationship with customers to convince them to buy a product or subscribe to a service. Marketing is very essential. Every business must partake in it, as no business or brand could survive without effective marketing and publicity.

Digital marketing is an act carried out using electronic media towards the promotion of goods and services. It’s an internet-based activity geared towards selling goods or providing services. Digital marketing currently is what traditional advertising used to be before according to Statistics, businesses and top brands increased their digital marketing budgets by around 13% between 2019 and 2020. Traditional marketing spending has steadily declined, and the reason is people nowadays spend 5.4 hours a day on average on their mobile phones, and their work modes are now computerized.
Reasons Digital Marketing Trumps Traditional Marketing.

There are many merits of investing in digital marketing over traditional marketing. Below are some of the most notable ones:

#1 Cost-Effective

Admittedly quizzing any business owner about the most important act of growing a brand, their answer would be explicit; marketing!. Marketing has always been the most economically draining but indispensable part of any business. It’s for this reason brands have great opportunities to cut costs with digital marketing leading the way. Internet marketing is significantly cheaper compared to print advertising. Depending on the budget, one could get started for free or a small investment in a few online marketing tools at the most.
A brilliant example of cost-effectiveness is email marketing. All one needs is to create a mailing list and invest in email marketing tools like Mailchimp or undeniable. Alternatively, brands creating company profiles on various social media platforms which are of zero cost would help them build an online presence in a market space, compared to traditional marketing where a lot of money would have to be invested to achieve that.

#2 Engaging

Digital marketing is more engaging than traditional marketing because of the interactiveness of online media with a lot of users. There are a few reasons for that:

  • Access too many types of interactive media: The digital environment gives marketers access to a wider variety of ways to engage audiences. While traditional marketers have limited advertising choices, online marketers can use various content types to attract different users. For example, one of the most renowned methods of digital advertising is using various types of videos. These are excellent and interactive ways to communicate with your consumers, entertain, and convert them.
  • Caters for different users’ tastes: Customers have preferences, and the digital environment allows marketers to cater to them. This occurs through targeting or promoting a business through several content types, brands achieve higher user satisfaction rates when promoting themselves online.
  • Overwhelming competition: The increasing competitive digital market forces marketers to be vigilant and make the most engaging content possible.

#3 Excellent Return on Investment

This incline digital marketing to low costs; it also provides an excellent return on investment. Compared to traditional advertising techniques like branded goods, print advertising, and media collaborations, advanced digital marketing techniques are significantly cheaper and provide more effective results. The best example would be PPC (pay-per-click). If one was to invest the same amount of money in paid digital ads that were used to launch a traditional marketing campaign, one would undoubtedly generate way more conversions with the former.

#4 Precise Audience Targeting

One of online advertising’s strongest accolades is its targeting capabilities. The nature of traditional advertising is to cater to the broadest audience possible, which is far from ideal in terms of lead generation. Online advertising solves that issue by allowing marketers to target specific consumers based on their search histories or behaviour online. This type of behavioural targeting is why digital marketing is so effective at driving sales. Aside from various targeting options, another advantage of internet marketing over traditional marketing is that it offers plenty of personalization opportunities. While traditional ads often seem distant and detached, it doesn’t take much effort to personalize an online campaign.

#5 In-Depth Performance Tracking

Whereas traditional marketing lacks in the performance tracking department, internet marketing shines because digital marketing takes place in an online environment. Video marketers get access to real-time video analytics, online advertisers to add metrics and performance in Google Ad Manager, and content marketers measure their campaign’s performance through Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

#6 Building Brand Awareness

It’s unquestionably that investing in digital marketing, particularly content and social media marketing, is one of the best ways to build brand awareness. At the present time, people are constantly online, whether on PCs or mobile phones. Most users always have the internet at hand and whenever they browse their social media profiles or visit Google, they become targets for online ads. Display advertising is potent for building brand awareness because of its low cost.

#7 Wider Reach

Traditional advertising has a few dreadful flaws that internet marketing easily overcomes; physical boundaries. While traditional marketing becomes mostly localized, online marketing gets globalized, this has opened up plenty of opportunities for business owners to expand businesses beyond a single country’s borders.

#8 Stronger Relationships

In the ever-growing competition, brands ought to stand out to succeed. This holds true in the digital marketing world since every competitor will do the same thing. It’s for this reason building a relationship with an audience is critical to success. Luckily, online marketing platforms offer plenty of opportunities to do so.
One excellent way of making brands accessible to an audience is establishing a powerful presence on social media channels like Facebook. Interacting, engaging, and responding to customers to earn their trust. Brands could also build relationships with their customers through storytelling. Telling a brand’s story through a series of social media posts, blog articles, or storytelling videos will make the brand relatable and help its message resonate with its audience.

#9 Time-Efficient

While a traditional marketing campaign takes a lot of time to prepare and execute, digital ones are quicker. Launching any online marketing campaign is much quicker. One can do it with far fewer people. A single seasoned digital marketer can plan, execute, and monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously, saving valuable time and resources.
Because internet marketing is time-efficient and an excellent way for startups to get their brand off the ground.

#10 Automate It

One of the biggest strengths of internet marketing is it can become automated. While traditional advertising will always require time to implement, there are a lot of tools that can aid one streamlining digital campaigns. Besides, seasoned marketers understand the value of digital marketing automation tools, they aren’t reluctant to invest in them. Considering that there are dozens of services and online tools for all digital marketing forms (email marketing, social media marketing, etc.), one could choose from. Streamlining marketing efforts using automation tools can help businesses cut costs and optimize their marketing endeavours.


Traditional digital marketing often fails because it relies on being hyper-focused on one or two independent solutions. One could be great at SEO, or PPC, or social media and while these solutions have not gotten combined into a comprehensive system that generates, nurtures, and converts leads, results will not often be less effective.

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