Sexy By December (Weight Loss Quest For 2022)

Sexy By December (Weight Loss Quest For 2022)

“You cannot buy your health, you must earn it through healthy living.”


Sexy by December; as strange as it may sound, this is a terrific technique to lose weight in a year. My friends and I made a goal for ourselves during my national service days by purchasing a dress that was smaller than our typical weight at the start of the year, hoping to fit perfectly in that dress by the end of the year. It seemed impossible at first, but hard work proved otherwise.

Many people find losing weight difficult, especially if they have trouble maintaining a constant weight. There are a few things you should ask yourself before starting your weight-loss journey. “What motivates you to lose weight?” and “How do you feel about weight loss?” are examples of questions to ask. If words like “healthy,” “confident,” “energetic,” and “beautiful” spring to mind, these are the motivators that will keep you going on your weight-loss journey.

There are various healthy strategies to lose weight. Here are seven strategies to help you get sexy by December.

Healthy lifestyle concepts: red heart shape plate with fresh organic fruits and vegetables shot on blue background. A digital blood pressure monitor, doctor stethoscope, dumbbells and tape measure are beside the plate These types of foods are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids that prevent heart diseases, lower cholesterol and help to keep a well-balanced diet.

Make the most of your personal nutrition monitors.

Many people embarking on a weight-loss quest get primarily concerned with reducing abdominal fat. Keeping track of your daily food intake is a good place to start while trying to lose weight. Increasing your protein intake can help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism, reducing appetite, and reducing belly fat. Yoghurt, eggs, peas, beans, lean meat, and other protein-rich foods are the best options. Increased fibre consumption can also help you lose weight faster.
Fibre can help you stay full for longer periods of time, lowering your calorie intake. Fibre consumption varies according to age and gender. Consider vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green peas, and others to boost your fibre intake. Avocados, apples, bananas, oranges, and other high-fibre fruits can get considered. Peanuts, sesame seeds, brown rice, oats, and popcorn are examples of nuts and grains that can help with weight loss.

Asian young women refuse junk food while choosing to eat healthy salad and fruit juice for their health. Girl takes care of herself by having high nutrition food every day. Good food for the healthy concept.

Eliminating or Reducing calories

Finding out what meals cause your body to gain weight is crucial to your weight loss quest. Calories are a measurement of how much energy you can gain from a specific food or beverage. As a result, eating more calories might lead to a weight increase. Some people largely stored extra calories in the muscles as fat. Keeping track of your calorie intake, paired with a healthy lifestyle, can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. Note Savory, salty, crunchy, and creamy meals when eliminating or reducing calorie consumption. Carbonated beverages, ice cream, chips, cake, beer, wine, and energy drinks, among other foods and beverages, can become avoided or decreased on your weight loss journey. When trying to reduce weight, keep in mind that your body must burn more calories than it consumes. Calorie intake depends on your starting weight, lifestyle, sex, and activity level. You can track your calorie intake with a food app or a journal. Where calories cannot get avoided entirely, you can pair them with healthy lifestyle modifications, such as eating more vegetables or exercising regularly.

Woman reading and trying a new recipe

Try a new recipe

Trying a new recipe might be challenging, especially if you become accustomed to your old eating habits. Trying to lose weight causes trying new foods that will aid in your weight loss efforts. Pre- and post-workout recipes, protein recipes, vegetarian and vegan foods, and more are all available. Trying foods like immune booster meals can help you improve your gut health and reduce inflammation. This is because of the high number of cruciferous veggies in these meals.

Cropped shot of a young man sleeping in his bed

Early Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep helps you burn calories more efficiently. A good night’s sleep gives you the energy you need to go through your daily tasks. Getting adequate sleep helps to clear your mind, allowing you to make healthier dietary choices throughout the day. Identify the activities that cut into your sleep time. Adopt a simple or pleasant evening routine to help you fall asleep on time. Routines like taking a cold bath, getting a foot massage, stretching, or writing in a notebook can help you fall asleep faster. Avoid or limit your time spent in front of a screen, such as a television or a mobile phone.

a woman meditating

Develop a habit of meditation

Meditation is a stress-reduction technique that can get practised regularly. Stress causes your body to create hormones that inhibit you from losing weight. This can become completely avoided by combining a regular activity with deep breathing exercises during the day. These workouts will lower your heart and blood pressure, which will lower your stress hormone levels. To allow oxygen to circulate, keep yourself upright when doing breathing exercises.


Exercise frequently

You can start with a simple workout routine, like walking, running, or jumping ropes. These exercises can substitute for other leisure activities such as watching TV or surfing the internet. You can integrate exercise with another aspect of your life, such as family time or special time. Including others in your weight loss objectives might make it more enjoyable. Joining a gym class or fitness group is another fantastic way to socialize while getting a good workout. Cardiovascular activity is an excellent strategy to shed pounds. As a result, weight loss gets aided. Exercises like elliptical, jogging, jumping rope, stair climbing, swimming, kettlebells, and cyclin can help you lose weight faster.


Make a commitment to yourself

Another strategy to take control of your weight is to hold yourself accountable. This can become accomplished by routinely checking your weight, keeping a food log, or having a responsible partner. You can also do this by keeping that small dress or pair of skinny jeans, using an app, or rewarding yourself for your accomplishments.

Image is not body shape retouched – healthy body – Slimming before and after

Once and for all

Keep in mind that we all have varied body types and sizes as you embark on your weight-loss quest. While these suggestions may work quickly for some people, they may not work as well for others. However, December is a long way from January, and regardless of the speed, a lot may get accomplished in a year.

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