Why Is Your Mental Health Important?

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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is no definite explanation of mental health, as we could refer to it as a person’s psychological and social well-being. In other dispensations, mental health is the absence of mental disease. A functioning mind results in productive activities and the opposite holds, one needs to engage in activities that keep the mind healthy and functioning properly.

emotionally stable person

An emotionally stable person shall always feel vibrant and truly alive and effortlessly manage emotionally difficult situations. Mental fitness follows physical fitness. Many emotional factors affect physical fitness levels, like depression, aggression, negative thinking, anxiety, frustration, etc. A person who is physically fit and in a good mood can easily cope up with any situation of distress and difficulty.

Mental health Concept. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The depressed woman sitting alone on the floor in the darkroom background. Film look.

Mental illness does not mean one is going crazy, as one should not be ashamed of it. Society ought to change its perception of mental illness. Mental illness is the instability of one’s health, which comprises changes in emotion, abnormal thinking and behaviour.

depressed Asian woman in deep many thoughts, having a problem with overthinking

Also, mental illness is most times caused by stress or because of a reaction to a certain traumatic incident. According to some findings from research on mental illnesses, it got found that mental illness could arise from genetic factors, biochemical imbalances, child abuse, social disadvantage, poor physical health conditions etc. People suffering from mental health issues show various symptoms like lack of energy, avoiding people, not engaging in any physical activities, loss of sleep and appetite, smoking or drinking or even doing drugs, feeling helpless, yelling and fighting, losing temper quickly and harming themselves.

Connect with family, psychologist, friends etc. when feeling depressed, anxious, thinking too much, experiencing trauma, etc.

Fortunately, mental illness is curable. One can always seek help from experts, or change from being a negative thinker to a positive one. Research has shown, regular morning exercises like taking a walk, yoga classes and meditation are great medicines for curing mental illness. Aside from the foregoing, it is of the essence, one should regularly eat and sleep well and engage in social fun activities such as dancing, listening to music and cooking. One surrounding himself/herself with individuals who have complete admiration, appreciation and respect for how unique one gets compared to others would aid in dealing with mental issues. Over the years, the go-to people in those instances are family and friends.

Cropped shot of a man having a therapeutic session with a psychologist

Findings from recent research with respondents not in a definite classification reveal that mental illness affects 19% of the adult population. Nearly one in every five children and adolescents in the world has a mental illness. Depression, being a leading contributor to that effect, has affected 246 million people worldwide. If mental illness doesn’t get treated at the early stages, then the consequences can be grave. Hence, there is the need to create an awareness of the dire consequences of mental health. We observe 10th October as the World mental health day to educate people about mental health issues and make all efforts to support mental health.

Don’t give up, you are not alone and you matter always.

In a nutshell, we should highlight that being both physically and emotionally fit is the key to success in all aspects of life. Children of all ages in various ways must get educated about the importance of mental health, as this would aid in breaking the stereotypes around checking our mental health.

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