Christmas, A Broken Home Experience

Christmas has always been the time of the year where most people spend time with families, friends, and loved ones. The moment the twelfth month of the year is here, it knocks differently on the doors of many. Even the atmosphere changes to remind us of what time of the year it is. To many, Christmas is that time of the year for merry-making, sharing gifts, and taking a vacation to unseen places. Whiles others stay indoors all “boo-ed or bae-ed” up with that special someone.

But reality hits differently when Christmas gets celebrated from a broken home. That is when the perfect-pictured holidays become impoverished.
Back when I was in high school, I always dreaded Christmas not only because I had to spend it in a broken home but the reality of having to write about “how I spent my Christmas holidays” essay in our English class was a pain in the ass.
It was all a lie. A Big Fat Lie got written in allurement just to fit in everyone’s idea of Christmas.

My idea of a perfect Christmas came crashing down when mom and dad’s marriage hit the rocks. Christmas became just another holiday where I had to face the reality of my home. To me, the twelfth month of the year gets filled with anguish. The memories of the previous year’s Christmas flood my mind. Whiles others make preparations for a fun-packed Christmas, I anxiously prepare myself for what lies ahead in my broken home.

Christmas in a broken home means you get to choose which parent you want to spend Christmas with, depending on the current situation at hand. Whiles others parade on the eve of Christmas. Christmas eve in a broken home means coiling up in your bed and suppressing all the emotions bottled up from within. It means turning your mind from the noise of the outside world or pretending it is all going to be okay.

Christmas day in a broken home means listening to all the complaints and insults each parent had to say about each other and being on the fence without taking sides. Because taking sides is paramount to disobedience and disobedience only means getting divided attention.

The only way to escape Christmas in a broken home is to find something to do during the festive season. But then again, who works on Christmas Day? Christmas, which is supposed to be a fun-filled holiday, is despairing to some of us.
Until now, Christmas is a lie I tell myself to distract from reality. I would rather fast forward through the holiday season and be ready to welcome a fresh start than fantasize.

Christmas to others may seem like an edited picture with no fractures, but beneath that perfect picture lies the hard work we put into making it a reality.
Christmas holidays are not all jolly to everyone like we mostly think, but an unwritten nightmare to some others in the same situation as me. I do not mean to make Christmas unappealing, but to remind others to be the light of Christmas in someone’s life.

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