Top Twenty (20) Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Construction Company Here In Ghana

Top Twenty (20) Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Construction Company Here In Ghana


Two months ago, an uncle of mine called asking me to look for a reliable building and construction company here in Accra, Ghana to work on one of his new projects (that a contemporary ten-bedroom apartment). His plan is for the building construction company to handle architecture, surveying, building, painting, tiling, pavement,etc. Unfortunately, getting the best building and construction company that provides all the above services was a tedious one. The ones I found couldn’t answer most of my questions satisfactorily.

I have selected the top twenty (20) questions to ask before choosing a building and construction company here in Ghana…


Tell me about your company and its history. Discover how long the company has been in business if they’re licensed to work in Ghana, etc.


What other projects have you worked on? References tell how a company works, how efficient they are and how well they communicate with clients.


Do you have site supervisors and subcontractors? It’s important to have a company point of contact on the construction site. Don’t rely on subcontractors for this role.


Are you insured and certified? Ask about liability insurance and workers’ compensation to make sure that all site workers get covered.


Do you have a project timeline? Establish a timeline and deadlines to set project expectations, start dates and end dates. Build-in extra time for uncontrollable events like the weather.


What is your payment schedule? Be frank when talking about money. Details matter and knowing when payments are due and how much they will ensure everyone agrees.


What’s unique about your processes? Experienced commercial construction companies often have the processes they’ve honed over the years.


Who’s designing the project? Does the company use its engineers and architects or is the work outsourced? Which firms do they use?


How soon can construction start? With large commercial construction projects, the longer they take, the more the cost.


Do you provide guarantees? Find out what kind of guarantee a Ghanaian/foreign-owned construction company provides and get it in writing.


How often do projects miss deadlines? Ask the company and its references this question.


How do you contain costs? Some companies have subcontractors bid on a project’s different parts. See if yours does.


Do you have a claim record? Claim records indicate how often past clients have not been happy with a company’s work.


How’s your safety record? A safe job site indicates that a company cares about their workers and their work overall.


What similar projects have you worked on? If your project is outside of a contractor’s scope, it might not be the best choice.


How do you resolve differences of opinion? Find out if they have a punch list system, a warranty or an arbitration clause in their contract.


Who are your suppliers? The quality of the materials being used in your project is important once the construction crews are done and gone.


Is your bid an estimate or a fixed price? Establish costs in the beginning, so no surprises are moving forward with your project.


Who does your finishings? No one will know what things look like behind the walls, so ensure everything visible to the public looks good.


Does our project fit your schedule and business model? A company might not be the right fit, regardless of their work or track record.


It’s important to find the perfect construction company to take care of your projects. Also, ask questions to plan for all your projects. For more information, or to find the best construction company here in Ghana contact AT Alliance Trading And Construction Company Limited  (

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