Top Seven (7) Guidelines To Tenants Satisfaction (Landlord/Landlady)


Most landlords/landladies’ ultimate wish is to have decisive and long-term tenants who pay their rents on time and stay on top of basic property maintenance matters. So, building a good relationship with your tenants will not only make your life as a landlord/landlady that bit simpler, but it will prove valuable in making your property investment more profitable.

Here are some of our top guidelines if you’re looking to improve your relationship with your tenants, and to boost the chances of them renewing their lease:

#1 Clear and concise tenancy agreement

This is an important point. Hoping to make your tenancy run smoothly, establish what you expect from your tenants and what they should expect from you clear and concise from the start. By signing your agreement, your tenants agree to the terms stipulated within it, which also means you need to adhere to your end of the deal too. Both parties should therefore get satisfied knowing that you have set clear expectations.

Make sure any specific exemptions or clauses as part of your agreement are clear and specific, to avoid any doubt further down the line.

#2 Respond to property maintenance

Property maintenance issues can be a pain for anybody, so try to keep your tenants happy by managing repairs within a reasonable time frame. Whilst a leak or appliance fault is often a minor inconvenience, nothing is more frustrating than having to wait weeks or months to resolve these property maintenance issues. Especially if your tenants are paying immense sums of money for rent. If you think you’ll find this difficult to manage alongside other commitments such as work or your family, it may be worth considering a fully managed service from a renowned property management company like Property233, visit their website, so you need not worry about property repairs or maintenance. 

If you’re managing the property rather than using a third party, establish good communication with your tenants from the onset, and make sure they know you’re approachable if they have any maintenance problems. This means anything serious (or damaging/costly to your investment) can get dealt with swiftly.

#3 Resolve all complaints  as soon as possible (ASAP)

As a guide, complaints should be resolved within a week, regardless of how severe (or not) they may seem. This demonstrates to your tenants that they are a priority and that you take their concerns and comments seriously. A slight delay could be forgiven if their concerns are not urgent (for example, they might have a faulty door handle or dripping tap), but larger issues, particularly surrounding security and safety, should be fixed immediately. Finding solutions to problems within a reasonable time frame especially if those problems are personal will demonstrate to your tenants that you are responsible and reliable as a landlord, hopefully encouraging them to stay at the end of their contract.

As their landlord/landlady, you have a right to inspect your tenants’ home, as it’s your property! However, it’s unfair to drop by unannounced, so being organised and respectful as a landlord is paramount to keeping your tenants happy. If you want or need to visit the property, firstly make sure you have a valid reason. Secondly, try to give at least 48 hours’ notice. To avoid any room for conflict over the matter, this must be included and highlighted within your tenancy agreement.

It is recommended that landlords/landladies ought to visit their rental properties at least once every six months. This way, they can keep on top of any maintenance issues and speak with their tenants about their welfare whilst staying on the property. By doing this, property owners can remedy any problems as they arise, before they become exasperating for either party. Regular property visits and inspections are also included as standard, as part of Property233 ( ) Facility Managed Service.

#5 Property legislation must be up to date

One of your key responsibilities as a landlord/landlady is to ensure your property and tenancy agreement conforms to the latest industry legislation, especially when it relates to health and safety. Tenants can research every and any industry regulation, so it’s important to stay on top of recent changes, otherwise, your practice as a responsible and proactive landlord/landlady will be compromised.

One example of a recently proposed legislation reform in Ghana (Proposed Reform of The Ghana Rent Act (220) is a proposal of monthly rent payment as opposed to the 6-month to two (2) years rent advance payment detailed under the current law. Before any tenancy agreement, the regulatory bodies ensures that all prospective tenants are fully vetted, according to the Government of Ghana Rent Act. Landlords/landladies are kept up-to-date on all legislation changes, and we also ensure any contractors we use are compliant, providing both landlords and tenants with peace of mind.

#6 Let your property investment  have a ‘homely’ feel

Some of the smallest changes to a property can make a big impact, including making it more appealing, welcoming and aesthetically attractive. Without a doubt, your tenants are likely to notice small efforts and appreciate them whether it be a house plant as a welcome gift, or a few extra pots and pans for their family anything to help them feel more ‘at home’ will reflect well on your persona and hopefully encourage them to renew their contract. If this seems a hectic task I recommend the best home decor service company Property233  visit their website  ( They will make your house feel like home with their magic touch, just call them up.

#7 Give long-term tenants incentives

It’s always a good idea to reward your loyal tenants. Lease renewals ensure you’ll earn a steady income for years to come. To show your appreciation, you can:

  • Give a free month of rent after a lease renewal: To help with tenant retention, you can let tenants enjoy a rent-free first month. Instead of paying for marketing expenses, turning this into a reward incentive for a tenant makes it a hard offer to refuse.
  • Offer a discount when a tenant pays the rent early for a specified period: Early rental payments can provide you with available funds to use in upgrading the rental property or paying off expenses.
  • Refund a month of rent: Instead of offering a rent-free month upfront, a refund can be offered. At the end of the tenancy, you can give back the tenant a one-time month rent refund.
  • You can also implement tenants friendly lease terms, such as permitting pets.


Keeping your tenants satisfied does not require rocket science. You just need to practice courtesy, professionalism, and respect for a tenant’s privacy.

By exercising appropriate and considerate behaviour, tenants naturally will want to stay in a place where their needs are considered a priority. Being rewarded for their loyalty encourages them to stay longer.

If you need an excellent and trustworthy property managing company, please get in touch with us on +233 (0)59 537 2571 or visit our website

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