Learn To Say No

Saying no is standing up for yourself.
Say no to the bullsh*t. Say no to relationships that hurt you and friendships that bring you down. Say no to going out when you don’t want to. Say no to extra projects, you can’t handle. Say no to what you don’t agree with. Say no to anything that doesn’t make you excited or bring positivity into your life.


Saying no to yourself.
It will not always be others whom you will need to say no to. Sometimes it may be the toughest person of all: yourself. Whether it’s saying no to hitting the snooze button. Saying no to that margarita when you have to drive later. Or saying no to the boy who broke your heart. Sometimes, against all of your heart’s desires, you will need to show up, stand up to yourself, for yourself, and say hell-to-the-no.

And that can be a wonderful thing.


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