Five (5) Importance Of Emotional (Inner) Peace


Emotional/Inner peace has become a fascinating topic spiritual leaders, doctors, therapists and psychologists have covered worldwide. We love to idealize peace as the answer to everything in life, yet do very little to gain it, because to achieve this state, required something very scary of us and that is changing.

Emotional peace is a state of mind that confers tranquillity, inner harmony and balance, and the ability to remain calm, undisturbed, and in control of yourself, even in difficult and unpleasant situations.

Emotional peace is important not only while things slide, but especially in times of trouble, difficulties or danger. Then, it counts most.

Practise meditation it calms the mind. Frequent meditation helps you see life and its challenges more clearly. You will get a clearer picture of any situation if you practise meditation. This helps in a calm and peaceful mind. Therefore, meditating is a good practice for the body, mind and soul.

We must choose to stay emotionally and mentally stable instead of getting anxious. It is very essential to keep calm, focused and undisturbed.

Why do you think emotional (inner) peace is important?

Emotional (inner) peace offers countless benefits when your emotions are peaceful. There is no way others’ opinions of you will bother you. Events and difficulties in life wouldn’t affect you. Let’s have a look at some of the importance of emotional (inner) peace…

  • Helps in better concentration and focus at work, school and other productive activities, thus without peace of mind one can’t work effectively or pay attention in class during teaching/lecturing. Therefore, it is essential to be emotionally calm to be very productive.
  • Also, emotional peace helps us go about our daily activities with happiness and be quick in whatever we do without delay. For instance, when I am emotionally unstable, I feel reluctant in doing even the smallest things. I choose to postpone everything without caring for the consequences. Hence, the importance of emotional (inner) peace.
  • It helps us to be patient and tolerant in dealing with others’ views or opinions without reacting angrily in our response. Emotional (inner) peace teaches us to be patient to understand problems and find the best solutions.
  • Enables the ability to sleep well. Most of us can’t sleep well when we are anxious and depressed due to a lack of emotional peace.
  • Improvement in our physical and spiritual relationships, emotional (inner) peace allows us to relate well with our friends and love ones in the aspect of how we talk and make time for them. Also, our relationship with God gets strengthened when we are happy and at peace. We pray and read the Bible consistently. Emotional peace guarantees self-confidence and self-love coupled with positivity, thus we treat others well the way we desire to be treated. Being emotionally at peace and content changes our attitude towards others and everything.

How Do You Attain Emotional (Inner) Peace?

Emotional (inner) peace is a choice and many of your habits determine how much peace and happiness you experience in your life daily.

First, worry less about things out of your control and focus on the ones you can control. For instance, plan your activities for the day, make a to-do list for your objectives at work, prioritize your activities for each day so as not to stress yourself out on what to do before the other. This will allow you not to get anxious and unproductive, hence a peaceful mind and happiness at home, work, school, etc.

Know yourself, living a life dictated by others’ opinions is so disconcerting, live a life that agrees with your values. It is too tempting to allow society to dictate your choices and decisions. Do not choose careers that will please others. Or wear dresses that will make you look good in front of others but make you uncomfortable. Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of to feel accepted by friends while miserable emotionally. Stop living pretentious life, make your own choices and decisions with your life, my dear. You might make a mistake and your choices won’t please others, but it is yours. You will learn from those mistakes and make better judgements the next time.

Eat a well-balanced diet and fruits. What we eat affects our moods and health. Hence, it is very essential to eat foods that include the right proportions of nutrients the body needs for a healthy body and mind. Eat fruits such as oranges, watermelon, apples, grapes, berries, for vitamins, water, minerals and so on. Also eat foods containing vegetables and green leaf vegies, protein, carbohydrates and calcium. All these help in the proper development of our bodies, stronger immune system and good health. Good health enables inner peace, leading to a happier life.

Regular exercise is another way to attain emotional (inner) peace. Exercising makes you feel good about yourself. It promotes self-confidence and self-love. You don’t need the gym to exercise, walking, jogging, yoga and other homemade YouTube exercise videos will help you practise regularly at home. Exercise is good for both the body and mind, so do not ignore the benefits of exercising.

Practise meditation it calms the mind. Frequent meditation helps you see life and its challenges more clearly. You will get a clearer picture of any situation if you practise meditation. This helps in a calm and peaceful mind. Therefore, meditating is a good practice for the body, mind and soul.

Conclusively, emotional (inner) peace has lots of benefits as seen in the writeup, also the various ways we can attain emotional peace. Let us all endeavour to be emotionally at peace within. It is very important to our health, body and people around us. I will leave you with this quote; ”the life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence – Norman Vincent Peale”.

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