Be Strong…Yes, you!

There are times you feel like giving up, but I’m telling you to be strong

You want to hide and immersed in the pain, tears, sorrows, heartbreaks, disappointments, loneliness and so on, I’m still telling you to get up and be strong

I ain’t talking about physical strength, I’m referring to emotional and mental strength

There are days I hide myself indoors and cry, scream and wonder why, even then I kept telling myself to be strong

You gotta be strong in every situation that seems to choke you, moments that make you question your worth, still be strong

Even when you’ve lost your job, be strong

Heartbroken? Be strong

Can’t figure out what to do with your life? Be strong.

Divorced? Be strong

Unemployed and don’t know where your next meal will come from? Be strong.

Feeling like a failure because of people’s comments? Be strong.

Never crumble emotionally and mentally, they are your weapon

Allow no one or situations to prey on your emotional and mental health

Be strong…!

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