Five classy ways to style dress shirts.

Styling shirts and shirts dresses can be difficult to women. Almost every woman just like pairing shirt or short dresses with denim jeans. But I can style short and short dresses to look classy and unique. I can style the below white dress shirt adding accessories like gold choker necklace, with gold earrings, gold watch and a simple gold bracelet. Natural make or nude makeup with red matte lip stick. A black or gold clutch or bag with same stilettos shoe colour. The hairstyle can either be a ponytail hairdo or centre part hairdo. Can get worn to a party girl’s night out or a date with your ‘boo’. This is how i will style this dress shirt.

White dress shirt.
This is one of my favourite shirt dress styles. The open slit gave the dress a sexy but classy look to show off your long beautiful leg if you got one. Combined with the waist belt,the black stilettos and the small bag nothing can be more unique and sexier.You can choose to close  five of the down buttons for a formal wear or function.The minimal makeup and hairdo is appropriate for this fashion style.
Sexy but classy.

‘Chicky’ as in fun and awesome fashion sense can be classy. Fashion can be fun and playful. The below blue denim lookalike dress for me can get styled by adding the hat, a gold chain over the collar, big round earrings, nude makeup with pink lip gloss. A gold watch, then a multi-coloured bead with high wedge sneaker or suede leather ankle boots brown. With a brown clutch or handbag. All black hairdo with the hat.

The ‘CHICKY’ Look

Going out, thinking of what to wear is stressful for some of us. We bring out every clothing in our closet and still can’t find what to wear. Why not go casual by putting on that white shirt dress? I can add a brown low heel wedge sneaker or sandals to the below look then I’m ready for that night out with my girls, or an outdoor date with my partner even a party. The wedge heel sandals or sneaker will show off my legs and make me look classy but casual.

Casual but classy

Walking in heels is annoying and very uncomfortable. I prefer flat shoes some days. I can style the white dress shirt or the blue dress shirt with small gold earrings and a gold watch. A nude makeup with pink lip gloss. Side way parted hairdo. Then the brown flat shoes and brown shoulder bag. I’m good to go on that trip, a night out with my girls or even a walk with my partner.

Simple can be classy.

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