My Naughty Roommates

Enrolling in Wisconsin International University College was a dream come true. Packing my stuff and getting ready to leave the house was bittersweet; I was leaving behind my family, friends and oh my favourite Jack (that’s my dog).
I arrived on campus with my mum and dad. Dad sorted out my fees and got me a hostel named the “Haven” to stay in.

Reaching the hostel, I met three ladies who said they were my mates. They showed me to my side of the room where I unpacked. We started chatting afterwards. One lady seemed to know all the fun activities and places around; she’s called Lizzie the party girl. Lola is the gossip girl; anything you wanna know about someone especially the hottest guys on campus, she is the one to ask. Then comes Viola, the shy but crazy and daring one. Now I’m the quiet time, the observer and bookworm called Scarlett.

A week into the hustle and bustle of schoolwork the weekend seemed far away. Some lecturers are so boring; reading and telling stories; most students just doze off during class; only a few pay attention.

Fridays couldn’t come sooner when students start to plan for parties and other activities that will not involve books and pen and oh those boring lectures.

Once when I lay in bed reading one of my romantic novels online, Lizzie popped down on the bed and told me to get dressed for a party taking place that night. I expressed no interest. She dragged me out of bed and into the shower. Before I knew it, water was pouring on me! Hmmm.

My clothes were laid out when I got out of the bathroom. I was pushed down onto a chair; makeup slapped onto my face. It was not bad though. I looked sexy as hell with my black mid-thigh dress and red pumps. With my hair cascading my back, I looked like a model out of a magazine. My girls looked good too.

Next thing, we were on our way to the club called the ‘The Red Apple’ in a car. As we entered the club everyone’s attention was on us; the guys licked their lips for a taste and the ladies’ eyes filled with jealousy.

In the bar was this yummy looking bartender but I won’t say that out loud. The girls ordered shots of tequila. I asked for water with lemon. I just sipped my water and observed the club.

Lizzie and the others went to the dance floor when Rihanna and Drake’s ‘Work’ song started playing. I was watching them when I felt someone staring at me. I turned and my eyes met these striking blue eyes filled with mischief.

‘Hello there gorgeous’, the blue-eyed guy said. I replied ‘hi then looked back to watch my friends on the dance floor.

My name is Brian, what’s yours? Scarlett, I replied. He smiled and whispered in my ear “sexy will you dance with me”. I felt goosebumps and nervous; I couldn’t even talk. I have always been an introvert and shy even though I’ve got the looks and a killer body. Lizzie and Lola saw my dilemma and came over. They ordered another shot of tequila which I snagged and drank to loosen up. My friends started cheering me on so I drank another shot. I saw Brian smirking. I followed my friends to the dance floor, twerking to Stonebwoy’s songs. I felt a hand on my waist, but before I could react I was pushed back against a hard chest and someone grinding against me. I looked behind me to see Brian with a smirk. I smiled and tried moving out of his grip but to no avail. We started dancing, but I felt dizzy so I moved outside to calm down.

Brian offered water which I gulped down. I knew I would have a hangover the following day. I told Brian to take me back to the hostel. He went and informed my friends that I wanted to leave since it was very late.

Lizzy and the rest decided to stay because they’d gotten guys they wanted to hook up with after the club.

Brian took me to the hostel in his car. When I was getting out of the car, he pulled me onto his lap and started kissing me! Wow! That was my first kiss. I rushed out of the car straight into the hostel and went to bed without undressing and taking off the makeup on my face.

I woke up with the sun shining through the window and a severe headache. The girls were back and started pestering me about what had happened between Brian and me. I told them to zip it till I had washed down and taken it in a painkiller. Afterwards, I told them ‘We just kissed; no funny business happened between him and me”.

These girls will drive me nuts with their matchmaking.

Lizzie and Lola did the deed with the guys they met at the club. Viola only kissed but got a date. Lucky me; I have sleep to catch up on, but these girls have other plans.

To be continued…..

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