You’re Enough

At times things don’t work out well the way we expect in relationships, work places, careers, education and life in general. Hence, we question ourself worth thinking of our flaws and mistakes we’ve made. Yeah! you’ve made mistakes and so what? Learn from it and move on. You’re not where you dreamt or planned to be in life that’s all right, keep planning, dreaming, focusing and forging ahead to achieve the things you want, it’s not over yet until it’s over. Your friends are ahead of you in life , it’s their turn. Your turn will come. Your heart is broken, not easy but time heals every pain. Get up, no time to waste in self pity, go out there and prove to yourself you deserve love, happiness, everything and anything destiny and the world has to offer. You got to believe in yourself. Love yourself with all the flaws and all. Take charge of your life and take it one step at a time. There is nothing in this world you can’t achieve if you put your mind on it. You’re Enough! Let no one tell you otherwise.

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