My first blogging experience.

Writing has always been my passion since I could start to write. Since I couldn’t express my opinions and feelings as a child,I kept a diary that helps me to articulate my thoughts using a pen.

Growing into adulthood with it’s challenges made me write more even better when I learnt how to type, I could use my laptop. I wrote about my daily activities, school, friends,pain, happiness anything that comes into mind depending on my mood. My friends would say , you could be a great writer someday if you take it seriously.

Recently, when I started studying online journalism I got the inspiration to start writing again caused I stopped writing for a while.

I got an offer to write for a blog.

When I wrote the first article I got cold feet in publishing it so I didn’t post it on the blog. I tried a second article I felt a bit courageous so I posted it. Then I kept writing about love, romance, motivation etc.

Writing is fun, try it out.


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